Expected Keynote Speakers*

Prof. Richard Werner

Richard Werner is Professor of Banking and Economics, University of Winchester (UK) and a distinguished economist whose research focuses on banking and finance. He has challenged conventional views by advocating for quantitative credit easing as a means to stimulate economic growth. His analysis of the Japanese banking system during the 1980s has provided valuable insights into the relationship between banking, investment, and economic performance. Prof. Werner also emphasizes the significance of local and community banking in supporting regional economic development. With his contributions, he has shaped the discourse on banking systems, credit creation, and their impact on economic outcomes, establishing himself as a respected figure in the field of economics.

Prof. Louis-Phillippe Rochon

Louis-Philippe Rochon is Professor in Economics, Laurentian University (Canada) and a distinguished economist known for his expertise in monetary theory and policy. His research focuses on heterodox approaches to economics, challenging mainstream perspectives. He has made significant contributions to Post-Keynesian economics and the analysis of monetary systems, advocating for policies that prioritize full employment and economic stability. Prof. Rochon's work has shed light on the role of financial institutions, central banks, and government interventions in shaping macroeconomic outcomes. Through his research and teaching, he has influenced the understanding of monetary economics and provided alternative frameworks for analyzing and addressing economic issues.

Prof. Charles Goodhart

Charles Goodhart is Professor of Economics at London School of Economics (UK) and renowned for his expertise in monetary economics and central banking. His research has had a profound impact on the understanding of monetary policy frameworks and the role of central banks in financial stability. "Goodhart's Law" warns about the potential pitfalls of using monetary aggregates as policy targets. Prof. Goodhart's contributions have significantly influenced the development of monetary theory, providing insights into the complexities of monetary systems and the challenges faced by policymakers. With his extensive academic contributions, Prof. Goodhart has established himself as a highly regarded figure in the field of economics.

Sir Vince Cable

Sir Vince is Former Secretary of State for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in the UK government and a prominent economist and political figure, well-known for his contributions in both academia and public service. He has had a distinguished career, serving as a Member of Parliament and holding key ministerial positions, including Secretary of State for Business, Innovation and Skills in the UK. Sir Vince Cable's expertise lies in economics, specifically in areas such as industrial policy, international trade, and financial markets. He has played a significant role in shaping economic policies and advocating for reforms.

*subject to confirmation